A.R.G. Commercial

(Risk Analysis)

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At Grumexce, we have designed and implemented the most accurate and complete credit research model currently on the market, which translates into peace of mind and security for our clients when granting a line of credit.

How do we do it?

Through the study of the commercial behavior, financial capacity, risk analysis and legal investigations of the applicant. The latter being a service in which we specialize.

A.R.G. Basic.

Consists of making a commercial report to inform you of the financial, commercial and legal situation of a company, helping you to make the best decision when granting a line of credit.

A.R.G. Intermediate.

As a complement to the basic service, we offer a review of the payment behavior history of the applicant, guarantee of extrajudicial collection and photographic support, which provides you with the support you seek by having the most accurate credit research today.

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